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Virtually Assisting businesses worldwide.

Virtual Assistant & Virtual Assistance

virtual assistant

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant is when you work with one fixed Assistant. Your VA can cover up most of your tasks depending upon the experience and skill he/she has. You can always interview and find the right Virtual Assistant for your need. For tasks which your dedicated Virtual Assistant is not skilled, he/she has access to a team of skilled professionals to get work done. So no worries :) Have questions or want to discuss your need? Shoot an email to info@urbantimer.com.

virtual assistance

Virtual Assistance

Virtual Assistance is when you place a task via e-mail, phone, live chat or IM(Such as Skype), and your task is logged in our CRM under your account. Based on the nature of your task, an appropriate Virtual Assistant is assigned to work on it. It is a polled service and you get 24/7 Virtual Assistance for your tasks. You can send tasks of any nature without any hesitant. This is good if you have random tasks.


administrative support

Administrative Support

Internet Research, Data Entry, PDF Creation, MS office, Document Drafting, etc.

digital marketing

Digital Marketing

Marketing via Social Media Sites, Email, Content, Affiliate, PPC,
Video, Web Banner, SEO, and just marketing via internet.

customer service

Customer Service

Handling your customer's inquiry over Phone, Email, Live Chat and/or Social Media platforms.

web development

Web Development

JQuery, WordPress, Shopify,
Wix, let us know your requirement and we will develop it for you.

graphic design

Graphic Design

For website, Social Media, Landing Page, Email Newsletter, Marketing Campaigns, Game Projects, etc.

content writing

Content Writing

Website, Blog Articles, Social Media, White pages, manuals, eBook, etc.


QuickBooks Services

Tracking aspects of your Business and Financial Transactions; including Income, Sales, Expenses and Overall Company Growth.

project management

Project Management

Website, Mobile App, SEO, Software, Marketing or any kind of project that you want us to manage for time efficiency, cost management and quality output.

calender management

Calendar Management

Create appointments and events, organise meetings, schedule meetings according to your availability, manage multiple calendars in one place.


Lead Generation Services

Generating B2B and B2C sales lead; Telecalling and Bulk Mailing Services, we have it all for you.

start-up assistance

Start-Up Assistance

Business plan, Investment plan, Marketing plan, Business registration and all things that is required to get you started.

mobile app

Transcription Services

One-Stop destination for transcribing your audio or video file, with a High Accuracy Rate; featuring Speaker Identification and Technical Terminologies

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30 Days

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30 Hours


30 Days

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After 2 days, your account will automatically convert to the choosen paid plan.

About UrbanTimer

UrbanTimer is a Virtual Assistant company based in Kolkata, India. We are a group of skilled, experienced and creative Virtual Assistants who add value in many people’s life and business. Our mission is our customer’s success. We want them to work efficiently, effectively, and awesomely. In short, we want them to be happy.

Virtual Assistant is someone who works remotely for you with lots of knowledge about internet, various online and offline tools and businesses in general.

A Virtual Assistant can clear not only the routine tasks from your schedule, but also assist you with various other tasks that a business need done on a regular basis. This gives you more time and peace of mind to focus on your business.

People often hold themselves back from getting a Virtual Assistant because either they are afraid of delegating or hesitant about delegating their work. Delegation is a long-term investment. You only invest your time once in the process. If you want to grow your business and achieve work-life-balance, then you should start delegating.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us at info@urbantimer.com and we look forward to making your life easier.


If you do not wish to continue with our monthly subscription, then please cancel recurring account by notifying us before your next billing date. You get 85% of the subscription amount refunded in case you claim for it before 48 hours of the transaction. It is a transaction charge. After 48 hours: You do not get refund and can use your purchased hours within 30 days from the time you got charged.
We ask you to verify your payment details during your Free Trial so that there isn’t any interruption in the service after your free trial ends, and you are automatically subscribed to the paid plan without any hassle.
You can unsubscribe anytime by sending an email to us at info@urbantimer.com . Once we receive your mail we will unsubscribe you. But that does not end our relation with you. You are always welcome to come back.
It is simple. In your dashboard post log in, you have a section “Add Hours” which is available in the edit mode from where you can add hours to your profile.
Yes, you can. In that case, you will have to put the e-mail id of the person you want to authorize in the “Secondary E-mail” field of your account.
In your dashboard post log in, you have a section “Change Plan” which is available in the edit mode from where you can change your plan anytime you wish to. You have an option to change the plan immediately or from the next billing date. You can choose either of the two options.
Each of our Virtual Assistant executives have their own e-mail id of the organization. You can connect to them by their e-mail id anytime from anywhere.
We at UrbanTimer are quite concerned with security of the data of our esteemed clients. Hence, our clients always trust the security of their data with UrbanTimer. All our personal assistants have signed an NDA with the company, and we maintain strict privacy rules.
You can always unsubscribe after the free trial. After the free hours, we expect you to stay with us as our service is best in class. Still, if you want to leave, you can, UrbanTimer will not charge you even a single penny for that, we are good people. :)
This is because if you try to send tasks from email address other than the registered one, the tasks will not reach our end. So, it is always advisable to send tasks from your registered e-mail address.
Project is something that is not covered in the monthly subscription. Website development, Mobile app development, Logo design, Outbound calling, Market research are few examples of projects. Any one time task for which you do not require a subscription is also considered as project. Project can be taken under a fixed price or hourly price. Do you have a project? Send us your requirement at info@urbantimer.com and we will get back to you shortly.

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