Deepanjan De

Business Process Associate

Hello there,

I am Deepanjan from Kolkata, West Bengal.

Bachelors in Business Administration from the West Bengal University of technology in the year 2016.

I am a free flowing happy-go-lucky kind of a guy. I love listening to music. Pink Floyd is the best rock band ever, period!

Experiencing the different delicious cuisines this world of ours has to offer is another hobby of mine. I believe in the good in people and like to think there is still hope left for humanity. I make sure everything I do, is to the best of my potential or not do it at all.

I love animals and am a firm believer that animals are far more faithful than human beings. There is only one true religion and that is humanity.

I have this extreme obsession with smartphones and sneakers.

By my judgement Read Madrid is the best football club there is right now and Cristiano Ronaldo is a wizard on the field.

I am working with UrbanTimer as a Business Process Associate from March, 2018 and I am glad to say that the experience has really been pleasant. I have learned a lot in these few months. This is my first time working in a professional atmosphere and I must thank all my colleagues for being kind to me.


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