Raj Shekhar Chaudhuri

Business Process Associate

Hi I’m Raj, born and brought up in Kolkata,West Bengal.

I have completed my Bachelor In Technology from Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology in the year of 2018.

Being an urban guy,I grew pretty much surrounded by the urban culture,so pc games,music,hanging out with friends have been an integral part of my life.

Though it doesn’t implies that I’m a guy who spend most of his time in his home.
Outdoor games like Cricket and Football has drawn my attention whenever I was instructed to study.

Being a Bengali guy, football has always been the greatest attraction for me, in that context even in the presence of great international clubs and teams I’m still a die hard fan of Mohun Bagan Football Club.

Coming to my teenage I started getting involved with Rock music scenes my city and started attending different gigs in my city.

I was not satisfied with my involvement as a listener only as I wanted to hit the stages and feel the vibes from the other side of the stage.

It took me another few year to realise percussion is within my forte and as a result a started learning drums.

In my college life me and some musician friends of mine formed a Band under the name ‘Fourier’s Tone’. We played alternate rock music and covered hit rock songs in gigs.

But as all of us started chasing different careers,our band went down as a childhood pipe dream,but we still cherish those memories that we created.

I started working with Urban timer in January, 2019.

It has not been long period I’m working here but I must say that the working environment is really pleasant. I’ve already learned many things and still learning new things everyday.
The colleagues and the seniors with whom I’ve been working are really helpful and understanding. They have moulded me into getting the job done without getting too hysterical.

Coming from ITES background, the scenarios was never that friendly for me and the memories that I had from my previous work experience still remains quite different.
Now I’m looking forward to add another beautiful chapter to the story called LIFE.

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