Srijoni Das

Business Process Associate

Hello everyone!

Being the single child of my parents, I always received the full cooperation and support of my family from the very beginning. I have always dreamt of doing something different since my childhood and wanted to fly high in the air with my wings spread out. I never felt that being a girl child I am restricted every now and then.

When I realized very easily a few years back that Engineering or Medical not being my cup of tea I planned to shift to the Arts after my +2 level. I had dealt with the entire two crucial years with Newton, Einstein in Physics, Avogadro, Thomson in Chemistry and Differentiation and Integration in Mathematics I found that I was losing my own self and was enjoying the classes up to that extent. But at the same time, I also realized that I used to feel contented and happy when my English classes took place. I loved to imagine the castles and the beautiful landscape that the poets r the authors used to describe. So finally after my results were out I decided to say “Bye-Bye” to those subjects and move ahead with those that I loved the most.

I took up English Literature and completed my graduation and post graduation in English Literature from the University of Calcutta.

Trust me I never felt bored reading works of different writers not sticking one particular genre. I love reading short stories as well along with novels, travelogues, autobiographies, poetry, plays or any kind of literary piece. It makes feel great when I read and imagine those descriptions. I feel as if I also keep on traveling from one place to another. I believe that Literature is something that has keeps me alive even I am broken down.

Apart from being a lover of Literature, I also love traveling to different places especially the abandon ones or the ones that are rarely visited by tourists.

At the same time, I also love watching movies, and now please do not think that I only watch movies that are connected to literature but all types. Historic, entertaining ones, comedy, romantic; the ones that make me feel happy are the ones that I prefer to watch.

However, I am also a foodie and I love to cook especially on weekends or on particular occasions. Being a bong girl I also have the love for saree and still hope for that one day when my own collection will be more than my mother.

I am blessed with a nuclear family with my lovely parents and old grandparents. On every weekend it’s me and my grandfather who love to spend our evening watching UFC and we literally have fights with our grandmother who screws us for watching those shit serials. It’s my grandfather who had made me fall in love with wrestling and football.

I am also an international Classical dancer who has performed at local and national levels. I love dancing because makes me feel alive. I am blessed with two beautiful teachers who are guiding me till date.

Now let me tell you something secret! I am also a short story writer. I used to write diary entries but it has been only months when I received the blessing of a very sweet and caring short story writer, storyteller, and performer as well. She was the one who has found out this new quality within me and I hope to bring some new and different stories in future…

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