Category: Case Study

The writing of a case study requires you to analyze and investigate a business problem, examine the alternative solutions, and propose the best effective solution using supporting proof. This category involves a range of various types of tasks done by our VA team, along with their experience while doing the tasks and the problems faced by them. Hope this category helps you find a solution to some of your problems while doing the same kind of tasks.

Ski Tours and Directory Creation

Working on Microsoft word and PowerPoint was not very unknown to me as I had to work on both from my school days. But I was introduced to Spreadsheet and how to work on it from the first day one after I joined this organization and I am happy to say that I had done a good job which had pleased me and my client as well. I am always eager to learn new things and gather more knowledge on how to work on different applications. I am grateful to my client and my colleagues for allowing me to be a p...Read More

Amazon Product Listing

Online shopping is one of my favorite things. Even if I am not buying or looking for anything special scrolling over the sites and checking offers, making a virtual wishlist is a nice way to kill boredom. I always wondered how these shopping sites actually work. This was one of my the first tasks assigned to me in Urban Timer and I pretty enjoyed it and learned a few things about Amazon. Now a brief idea about what was this whole task about – My client had a variety of paintings whi...Read More