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Video Marketing for Virtual Assistants

It is said , “A picture says a thousand words” but now-a-days with the advent of audio-visual media the power of reaching out to your audience has increased dramatically. No matter whether you deal in Baby Food business or you are selling high-end technologies, the internet is now the ideal market for you as it let you to expand your business from your backyard to the global market Before i speak any further let me present you with a stats about people visiting YouTube : Entertainment related videos get an average of 19.4% views per month. How-to and style videos receive an average of 16.5% views per month. Science and technology related videos receive an average of 13.2% views per month. Videos related to pets and animals receive an average of 12.9% views per month. Videos related to autos and vehicles receive an average of 11.3% views per month. Education related videos receive an average of 9.6% views per month. Videos related to travel and events receive an average of 6% views per month. Gaming related videos receive an average of 6% views per month. Videos related to people or vlogs receive an average of 4.6% views per month. Since now, it has been stated the popularity of videos and video making on the subject you are dealing specifically to grab the attention of your customers globally. Also making it visible to your targeted audience is also a sensitive issue as you are not the only person who has an access to the computer and internet and wants to make some money. So appointing your Virtual assistant is not only productive way but also a smart way to handle your online business Now,the most common question that will be showered at me…. “How do I make a video?I don’t have access to a studio.” “Wait are you asking me to invest thousands of Dollars in buying those equipments??” “What’s difference does it make?” ...Read More

The Development of the virtual assistance industry.

There were an estimated 3.9 million secretaries and administrative assistants in the United States in 2016, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, this figure does not distinguish between assistants who work in an office, and the growing number of those who work online. Indeed, virtual assistants are quickly replacing traditional secretaries and in-office personal or administrative assistants. A virtual assistant (VA) may be an employee, freelancer, or independent contractor who works online and performs a variety of tasks to help individuals or businesses. Virtual assistants can offer a lot of the services an in-house secretary would traditionally handle: data entry, transcription, scheduling, copywriting, programming, design, and other services. They usually work at home and in fact, may never meet their clients in-person. Just how many VAs are there these days? While the International Virtual Assistants Association, Virtual Assistant Networking Forum, and other organizations say that the number of VAs is increasing, it’s hard to find verified statistics for this industry. Many virtual assistants don’t belong to any official organization or networking group. However, a large number of VAs have joined freelancing platforms. There are more than 5,000 virtual assistants listed on Upwork, 74,000 on Guru, 26,000 on Freelancer, and 5,000 on PeoplePerHour. And freelancing platforms don’t include VAs who have their own websites or offer their services through other methods. As the number of VAs continues to grow, there are key benefits and disadvantages for those who work as virtual assistants and the people who hire them. Here are several trends emerging from this changing industry: ...Read More

Surprising places where you can find the perfect Virtual Assistant.

If your life as an entrepreneur comprises of tasks that are unending and your stress level doesn’t matter, until this point every little milestone of that life has probably been a celebrated victory. But the novelty is probably starting to wear off. There’s content to be edited and updates to be made to your website. You’ve missed two meetings and can’t remember who the contacts are to reschedule them. And your inbox count looks like the GDP of a small country. Traditional hiring processes take far too long when you need someone immediately who can take the load off your shoulders. Ideally, you want someone who can materialize, quickly get up to speed on what’s happening, handle the workload, and disappear until needed again. Here is where a virtual assistant comes into play. This is where a lot of entrepreneurs will cringe. Sure, it’s hard to give up control, and you may find it a challenge to find someone who is reliable and whom you can trust with private company intel. But those someones are out there: You just have to know where to look. ...Read More

How to hire your first Virtual Assistant.

One of the quickest ways to stunt the growth of your business is to do everything yourself. You want to spend the majority of your time on the $100/hr and $1000/hr activities. If you spend 90% of your day on the $10/hr activities, not only are you placing a very low cap on your income – but you’re probably not spending your time doing the work that you truly enjoy. Regardless of what type of business you’re in, the parts you enjoy the most are also the elements that provide the greatest ROI – the creative, strategic, and interactive aspects of your work. Meanwhile, the mundane tasks of responding to customer requests, growing your social media following, and cold calling potential clients have two drawbacks: 1. They can be boring and emotionally draining. 2. When you do the math on these activities, your hourly rate quickly approaches minimum wage. Of course, you don’t have much capital as an entrepreneur – and it’s important to be smart with your money. But sometimes being financially savvy actually means that you should spend more money. Your focus shouldn’t be to minimize costs, but rather to maximize ROI. The opportunity cost for every hour spent on $10/hr tasks is the $990 that you could have earned if that time was spent on the $1000/hr activities. How outsourcing can exponentially increase your productivity Entrepreneur’s all over the world have started to recognize the value of hiring others to maximize their productivity. While most successful entrepreneurs aren’t interested in living the 4-Hour Workweek, they understand that implementing practices to increase your productivity will allow you to 10x your daily output. If you use outsourcing intelligently, it maximizes your productivity in two very obvious ways. First, it allows you to hand off some of the less complex, yet time-consuming, elements of your business – at a fraction of the cost to hire someone in the US to achieve these activities. Second, it saves you money that you can invest into highly-skilled labor – either in the US or abroad. Think about it, if you had to pay three people each $30,000 a year to manage your office work, adding a $70,000 skilled professional would make your total payroll $160,000. Meanwhile, if you hire three offshore office managers for $6,000 a year, adding a skilled employee will only require a total payroll cost of $88,000 a year – half of the initial cost! ...Read More

7 Mistakes to avoid while working with a VA…

Virtual assistance is a relatively new concept that many people do not entirely understand. Virtual assistants bring a variety of skills to the table and are often available outside office hours. And the best part? You do not need to put on your office clothes to work with them. A dream come true, indeed! You may not realise it but the protocols for hiring a virtual assistant is completely different from hiring a regular part-time or full-time employee. There are lots of important things you need to set up in order to work with a virtual assistant, but there are also some things you should avoid at all costs. Forgetting the Foundation- If there’s one thing you should stress over about, it’s that training is an essential part of a successful client relationship. It is evident that it takes time to establish a solid foundation to work from—So set aside the time. ...Read More